When we speak to the beauty of our inner selves, we give praise to the divine.

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Vocal Toning

It is the natural voice of the human body. You use it every day. You use it when you groan, sigh, cry, moan, laugh, say, “AHHH”, or yell, “ouch”, etc. These are all spontaneous sounds produced without your conscious direction. Sounds produced by us through the body remove tension and pain. Almost from birth we begin the process of repressing these natural sounds and thus begins our journey of learning to be vehicles of storage rather than what we are naturally meant to be, which are vehicles of expression. Toning helps to shift us into expressing again by using these natural sounds to release pent-up or blocked energy and re-establish a natural flow of energy, which leaves the physical body feeling peaceful and cleansed.

Because sound is inner dimensional it is a perfect vehicle to lift consciousness. Sound shifts the awareness from the mind to the feeling self, from the analytical to the intuitive faculty where it woos our feeling nature and our desires into alignment, bringing new hope and insight, and a feeling of peace and oneness. It will greatly increase the quality of your meditation if used prior to it.

Toning energizes us and gives us a balanced, confident feeling. It also helps raise consciousness above the reactionary level to the heart flow level where Divine inspiration is clear and direct. Toning can be done anywhere; while showering, driving or resting. It does not require development of a talent or a special gift that only a few have. It is built within us all. And, it is available for us to use at any time.

In one-on-one sessions, you will be guided by inspired instruction to use the sound of your own voice to explore and create new awareness, stimulate spiritual growth and creativity, and enhance your psychological and physical well being. The sounds are often accompanied by movement to increase the awareness of the effect of the sound vibrations in the body. You can expect a freeing up and releasing of stored and stagnant energy from your body, and the energy fields surrounding it. The result will be greater freedom, reduced stress and a new connection with your inner feeling Self. These experiential sessions are for those who wish to break free from old programming and embrace a full and enthusiastic adventure toward wholeness using the tool of vocal sound.

Toning can also be utilized in a group as a workshop or class, and/or combined with Yoga.

For appointments or information I can be reached at 512-775-8187 or by email at kowecha@toning.org.

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